Who We Are

ALFA GROUP was founded by the visionary entrepreneur Alin Niculae and has naturally developed as a family company guided by the vision for empowering stakeholders and communities, following the promise to perfect the future through loyalty, authenticity and business efficiency. We put innovation at the heart of everything we do, as it represents the steppingstone for an everchanging world of business predictability, sustainability and profit.
The group’s organic growth helped build a portfolio of positive results and impeccable reputation, whilst offering state-of-the-art mobility, technology and lifestyle related services and solutions.
  1. OSCAR Downstream – Is established as an entrepreneurial Romanian company. In the following years, OSCAR made the first steps towards the B2B fuel distribution, setting a strong base for high quality services and products.

  2. OSCAR Downstream – Introduced as a premiere on the Romanian market the in-house fuelling stations, under the DIESELpoint brand, a B2B concept and service, covering the southern region of the country. This became the main growth driver of the Company’s national exposure.

  3. AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Developed Oscar One, an A-class office building, located in the ultra central area of Bucharest, with 2,875 sqm. The building was designed in a modern architectural style and incorporates the newest technologies and construction materials.

  4. AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Developed the Maria Rosetti Tower – A class-A office building located in an ultra central, bohemian area of Bucharest, between Armenian Quarter and Romana Square, near The Garden of the Icon Park.

  5. OSCAR Downstream – Launched a new service concept under the DIESELpoint Access brand. The first step to a national network of automated transit filling stations dedicated to B2B market and especially to auto fleet operators, located on the main commercial routes and easily accessible with the OSCAR fleet card.

  6. OSCAR Downstream – Is a new entrance on the Deloitte CE Top 500.

  7. AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on 19th Residence (1 building, 187 apartments);

    OSCAR Downstream – Ranked for the third time in 3 consecutive years on the Deloitte CE Top 500;

    OSCAR Downstream – Ranked 5th, being the largest independent oil & gas player in fuel distribution, in Romania, without it’s own refinery;

    OSCAR Downstream – Opened the first Greenfield fuel warehouse at Sercaia (Brasov County).

  8. OSCAR Downstream – Opened the second Greenfield fuel warehouse at Zadareni (Arad County);

    AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on 20th Residence (1 building, 348 apartments);

    KUENDE – Kuende receives a seed investment and starts developing a gamified social network with an unique interface and completely innovative features for their web version.

  9. OSCAR Downstream – Developed a new premium B2B service for companies that need a complex fuelling solution. An extension of the DIESELpoint in-house filling stations service, DIESELpoint Plus is a combination between the 20.000 L in-house fuelling station and the fleet card system, accessible with the OSCAR fleet card;

    OSCAR Downstream – Received the first True Leaders award for ”The best Romanian Oil&Gas company” by ICAP, for simultaneously fulfilling 4 criterias: profitability, an increased number of employees in 2015 vs 2014, leader in their industry, ICAP credit score: A2;

    OSCAR Downstream – Opened 2 new Greenfield warehouses at Ocna Mures (Alba County) and Roman (Neamt County);

    EXIGENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Exigent One Residence (1 building, 240 apartments);

    KUENDE - The platform is also developed for the iOS and Android app stores and launched as an closed alpha version.

  10. OSCAR Downstream – Won 3 awards: the international World Finance Awards for ”The Best Downstream Company in Eastern Europe”; the Business Champions award ”Business Champions for Romania” for companies with turnover larger than 15 mil. Euro; the True Leaders award by ICAP Romania, for the second time in 2 consecutive years;

    OSCAR Downstream – Made a natural step to fuel retail and traditional gas stations and opened the first RO gas station, an OSCAR B2C franchise concept. The RO franchise brand was developed to complete the DIESELpoint Access network with additional services and products. The RO network is currently at 56 gas stations in Romania;

    OSCAR Downstream – Launched 4 new fuel types in the OSCAR portfolio, named ACTIS and FORTIS, superior fuel developed for B2C;

    AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on 21 Residence phase 1 (phases 1&2 – 5 buildings, 1493 apartments);

    EXIGENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Exigent Two Residence (1 building, 110 apartments);

    KUENDE – Romanian startup Kuende is one of the companies selected to participate in the BlackBox.VC program in Silicon Valley, powered by Google Ventures.

  11. OSCAR Downstream – Makes a complete image rebranding for corporate products and services, with a new commercial brand ”OSCAR”, a new logo, a new face, while staying true to the same OSCAR values: quality, care, professionalism, respect and smart driving (adoption of new technologies) – ”The same values, a new journey”;

    AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on 21 Residence phase 2 (phases 1&2 – 5 buildings, 1493 apartments);

    EXIGENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Plaza Residence phase 1 (2 buildings, 743 apartments);

    KUENDE – Kuende incorporates in Switzerland and plans to reward its users with a blockchain based token (the Kuende Token). The project was declared the most successful token offering from November 2018, raising 18,000 ETH.

  12. AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Eminescu Offices. A unique & inspiring boutique office building in the Eminescu area.The mixed A class office building with 7000 sqm offers a high level of interior comfort, blending the latest construction approach and materials with a great care towards the environment and intelligent utilities consumption;

    EXIGENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Plaza Residence phase 2 (3 buildings, 1398 apartments);

    OSCAR – Received its third True Leaders award for by ICAP;

    OSCAR – Expands the fleet cards portfolio releasing 3 new card types: credit fleet card (Energy), debit fleet card (Easy) and voucher fleet card (Joy);

    KUENDE – Kuende integrates the Kuende Token into the platform and starts challenging its users to engage in unique and interactive ways.

  13. AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Mendeleev Office 5. The boutique office building includes circulating terraces, integrated intelligent technologies, low energy consumption, and the terraces on the 3rd and 8th floors offer a panoramic view over the center of Bucharest;

    AKCENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Cloud9 Residence (4 buildings, 820 apartments);

    EXIGENT DEVELOPMENT – Completed the work on Plaza Residence phase 3 (2 buildings, 989 apartments);

    KUENDE – The company adapts its business model during the COVID times and explores the NFT space.

  14. OSCAR – Celebrates 20 years on the Romanian market, as the largest independent Romanian fuel distribution company and one of TOP 5 players on the oil & gas Romanian market;

    OSCAR – Reached 85 stations in the OSCAR network with its own two brands, RO concept OSCAR (54 stations) and DIESELpoint Access (31 stations);

    OSCAR – Reached 2500 in-house fuelling stations active at B2B clients at national level;

    OSCAR – Reached a fuel storage capacity of 65.500 cm with a network of 7 modern warehouses at national level;

    KUENDE – Kuende opens offices in Singapore as part of the plan to attract the South-East Asian market and announces an updated roadmap of their products;

    Health and Education Foundation – was founded at the end of the year and aims to improve people’s access to quality medical and educational services.

  15. KUENDE – The company is looking to close a pre-A round, to launch two new products andto  start generating revenue.

Alfa Foundation for Health & Education

The Foundation aims at contributing to the health system improvement and ensuring access to medical treatment for people in need of specialized care, as well as improving the performance of the educational system and ensuring access to learning opportunities for young people.


  • Improving medical and educational infrastructure and services;
  • Humanitarian actions to provide integrated medical care;
  • Rasearch programs and educational projects, courses or colloquims;
  • Scholarships in Romania and/or abroad for pupils and students;
  • Financing and promoting awareness campaigns in the medical field.


  • Improving medical and educational infrastructure and services;
  • Humanitarian actions to provide integrated medical care;
  • Rasearch programs and educational projects, courses or colloquims;
  • Scholarships in Romania and/or abroad for pupils and students;
  • Financing and promoting awareness campaigns in the medical field.

The People

Alfa Group brings together a wide range of companies from various fields with the role of managing and monitoring their activities. The Group's Chief Executive Officer is Mihai Macelaru and its Marketing & PR Director is Alexandra Dumitriu. 

Each company within the group has its own outstanding management that has achieved unparalleled results throughout the years and share the same values. 

Our vision for a better world and our dream to perfect the future are reflected through the people representing the Group and its companies. 

We are proud of the empathy, curiosity and inclination towards better living, that each member of ALFA GROUP has.


Chief Executive Officer

Former business lawyer with more than 18 years of experience in mergers & acquisitions (advising mainly private equity houses, but also some reputable strategic investors in relation to some of the largest transactions that took place on the Romanian market in the last years) and corporate, real estate and contracts law. Throughout his career, he has worked for several of the largest law firms acting on the Romanian market. Before joining Alfa Group in May 2021, Mihai has acted for 5 years as an M&A and real estate counsel with the Romanian office of Clifford Chance.

Graduated from University of Bucharest's Faculty of Law and holds an LLM in International Affairs from the Faculty of Business and Economics – Academy of Economic Studies


Marketing & PR Director

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, communication and events management, she has worked in fields such as HoReCa, automotive, mass media, NGOs and not only. Specialized in Journalism and Communication Sciences and with a master’s degree in Communication Campaigns in PR & Publicity – University of Bucharest.


Investment Associate

The experience in managing investments, real estate and interior design , along with a hard-working spirit, dedication, talent and determination make the greatest compound for our group.
Graduated the Business Administration - Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, with a bunch of capabilities and a history of over 7 years working for one of the largest oil & gas company based in Romania.


Investment Associate

Graduated BSB-Management and Leadership Management at DePaul University in Chicago, with over six years of experience in real estate, logistics and after-sales coordination.
With experience in building brands and brand content, products and ideas, the expertise in various fields has taught him to feel the business opportunities. He has at the same time the adequate experience to assess investment risks and profit generation through research and information to help traders, fund managers and stockbrokers make decisions about investments.

Our Partners

Project Management for construction projects, offering integrated solutions for strategic, operational and investment management for projects in the construction field.

Leading freight carrier by road, sea, air and rail, offering solutions as a full service company in the logistics field.