Currently the largest independent Romanian fuel distribution company, OSCAR is one of top 5 players in the oil & gas Romanian downstream market with a portofolio of sustainable services and products B2B portfolio and a natural development for a B2C network. In 2021 the company had sales of over one million tons.

Over 20 years of experience on the Romanian market, the deep knowledge of the market demands, the orientation towards customized solutions and a controlled flow on the integrated logistic chain, provide a guarantee that the desired product is available at the required quality, place and confirmed time, respecting the OSCAR promise of quality, respect, professionalism and care to all it’s partners. The same values, for every partnership.

In-house filing stations

The OSCAR – "DIESELpoint in house fueling station" is a service suitable for any business that requires a fueling point on the company's premises and offers a rigorous control of diesel supply and consumption. The pioneering work started by OSCAR in 2004 on the B2B fuel distribution market was greatly rewarded by the positive response of the companies, leading OSCAR to over 2,500 installed and active stations,nation-wide, at B2B partners.

OSCAR fleet card

Designed for B2B, the fleet card system provides an efficient fuel management through real-time, online access to all transactions made by any vehicle in the fleet, using over 100 stations in the OSCAR network and the DIESELpoint Plus service. With a 24-hour support, national coverage, the same fuel quality and supply safety, the extended fleet cards portfolio - credit fleet card (Energy), debit fleet card (Easy) – provides an improved road experience.

Various international fuel cards are accepted in the entire OSCAR network (DIESELpoint Access and RO) along with the OSCAR fleet cards: DKV, UTA, EW and AS24.

En-gross sales

OSCAR grants its en-gross customers a superior fuel alternative with a certified and permanently controlled quality. The en-gross fuel sales and services portfolio is sustained by the OSCAR fuel warehouse network and a team of specialist in fuel sales and logistics.

OSCAR'S "RO" concept, a gas station franchise

The "RO" concept is a natural step towards OSCAR’s entry on the fuel retail market. OSCAR has developed RO, a franchise brand that supplements the B2B network, with additional services and products available to any driver. The OSCAR integrated logistic chain and the 4 superior fuels types developed for B2C under the ACTIS and FORTIS brands, which offer the same quality fuel experience for both B2B and B2C on over 70 RO gas stations.

The integrated logistic chain

The 50 million euros investment made by OSCAR in the last years to develop an integrated logistic chain for the fuel distribution, created a network of 7 warehouses (including 4 Greenfield fuel warehouses) across the country with a total 65.000 m³ fuel storage capacity and a fleet of over 80 fuel trucks. Having its own storage network and distribution fleet provides OSCAR with an increased control on the fuel quality and time management for each point along the distribution path.

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