A new Oscar Downstream image; the same values, a new journey.

A new Oscar Downstream image; the same values, a new journey.

During the event organized on Friday at the Fundulea fuel warehouse, one of the 7 OSCAR warehouses, OSCAR premiered, in a unique format, the new image of the company.

It is said that the value of a company, person or group is given by the sum of the individual values ​​and the way these are upheled in the daily activity. As each morning announces a new journey in our daily lives, so do our values ​​renew with each experience we encounter along the way.

The new OSCAR takes a new step and speaks openly about professionalism, quality, respect, care and smart driving in supporting the development of a community where things are done sustainably, constantly pursuing quality and added value.

The new image is a natural step for a company that is expanding and evolving. Entering the fuel retail, expanding the national coverage and expanding the range of services and products not only for companies, but also for each driver and his road partners; these are just a handful of projects we are working on.

The care for OSCAR partners is highlighted in:

The development of the card portfolio and the introduction of 3 types of fuel cards, "Energy" - credit card, "Easy" - prepaid card and "Joy" - voucher card, that works as a marketing and loyalty tool;

Expanding the product portfolio with 4 new types of additive fuels under ACTIS and FORTIS brands, superior products that increase the area of ​​addressability to new customer categories.

Creating a franchise brand and expanding the national coverage with the new "RO concept OSCAR" stations, designed as an addition to the DIESELpoint Access network, with more services and products integrating in the current network; a new concept of gas stations that use the OSCAR integrated logistics chain for fuel supply. All OSCAR cardholders benefit from the same commercial conditions, the same fuel quality, operational transparency and security of supply in any of the network's stations: DIESELpoint Access and RO;

Expanding the services portfolio to best meet the needs of the market, with a premium version of the in-house filling station, accessible with the OSCAR card, thus combining the most important benefits of the OSCAR DIESELpoint Access station network and OSCAR DIESELpoint in-house filling stations, together in a single, common platform.

The integrated supply chain allows the fulfillment of the promise of quality through a complete control over the supply and delivery flow. The fuel is tracked from arrival in the country, along the way to delivery to the final customer: import, transport, storage and additiion of additives in OSCAR fuel warehouses, distribution with the OSCAR fleet and quality controlled by an independent inspector, in all key points of the supply chain.

We have ambitious growth plans. We have set a development strategy for the next 5 years, with very clear figures and well-defined objectives aimed at consolidating and developing the products and services portfolio as well as new business divisions.

The 30 million euros investments made up to the present moment, along with the future ones, hold the modernization and increase of the storage capacity, the construction of new facilities dedicated to fuel storage, the increase of the tanker fleet and its modernization, the optimization of the distribution chain, maintaining the quality and values ​​of OSCAR in everything the company does, as the main objectives.

Next, we will focus on national development in B2B and B2C as part of the strategic plan for the upcoming years, but also on expanding beyond borders in terms of partnerships for the acceptance of the OSCAR card in other fueling networks in Europe. We aim to enter partnerships that can help us provide our customers with card supply solutions at key points on international transport routes both in the region and on the continent.

“The plans for the future are ambitious because reaching this point of development and a level of business maturity, in which things are clear, organized and stable, we want to lead the professionalism that we have demonstrated and promoted in B2B onwards to B2C. Hence the RO franchise network and the future stations under the OSCAR brand.

Given the investments made, we aim to strengthen our position and offer a full range of services and products for both companies and each of us.” say company representatives.

Same values, a new journey.