Perfect the future.

Innovating the future life standard through our ever-growing portfolio.

ALFA GROUP represents a network of forward thinkers and pioneers that works together to perfect the world of tomorrow. By bringing together leading companies that aim to set the pace for essential industries, we strive for the best results and efficiency in everything we do. We address each business need with intuition and a digital intelligence that follows our vision of a better future.

Oil & Gas

Offering specialized and personalized solutions for all our partners and assuring diesel supply through multiple distribution channels.

Real Estate

Building residential and office buildings in order to provide our communities with a higher lifestyle.


Blending our knowledge with the latest technology we are determined to innovate in every step of our business process.

Independent oil & gas downstream company

Since 2001, OSCAR brings sustainable solutions specifically tailored and optimized for each business in need of fuel as an important resource. All partnerships are valued equally.

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Opening Doors to the Future

Set on building and supporting a higher lifestyle for our communities, from the residential market and up to the office buildings.

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Safe Investment for the Future

With a lengthy history, Exigent Development is renowned for its numerous residential developments.

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The first Blockchain fueled Social Network

A launchpad for nano/micro-influencers and creative minds, nurturing them from zero-to-hero and guiding them to grow and monetize throughout their entire journey.

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