The first Blockchain fueled Social Network

Kuende’s ultimate goal is to reward users and make them interact as much as possible in real life, behind device screens. Kuende is a gamified social network that empowers brands and content creators to generate engaging, quality content, while also designing new revenue streams in the process.

Kuende challenges its community – influencers, consumers & brands – to create content together, inspired by different prompts.

The platform embraces blockchain technology and is built around its tokenized micro-economy, that relies on the Kuende Token (KUE). It acts like a launchpad for nano/micro-influencers and creative minds, nurturing them from zero-to-hero, and guiding them to grow and monetize throughout their entire journey.

  • Reach beyond the social graph;
  • Efficient Micro-Targeting Design;
  • Multiple Opportunities For Influencers To Monetize;
  • Gamified Brand Campaigns And Competitions;
  •  More Than Just KPIs - All User Engagement Actively Betters The World.

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