OSCAR Downstream supports the 10th edition of the

OSCAR Downstream supports the 10th edition of the "Nadia Comăneci Artistic Gymnastics Cup", a competition with national tradition

The partnership adds to a prestigious list of projects through which the Romanian company supports the performance and education of the younger generations through sport

OSCAR Downstream, the largest independent fuel distribution company in Romania, adds to its record of sports education projects a representative collaboration for Romanian gymnastics, supporting the 10th edition of the national competition "Nadia Comăneci Artistic Gymnastics Cup ", organized by the Nadia Comăneci Foundation.

The competition, which was launched in 2014, has already become a national tradition and is included in the competitive calendar of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. This year's edition will take place between 30 May and 1 June 2024 at the "Nadia Comăneci" Hall of CSM Onești, with the participation of approximately 100 junior I, II and III gymnasts and coaches from professional clubs in Romania. The scholarship money awarded to the top gymnasts is essential for the effective running of training and performance programmes.

"We were raised with the legend and legacy of Nadia Comăneci, a symbol of performance and resilience for national sport, but also for our society. Therefore, the decision to support this competition was an easy one, as we believe in the power of national values and in the role they play in the formation of new generations and the development of Romanian society.

I believe that there are many similarities between business and sport, and OSCAR Downstream is a 100% Romanian brand that has demonstrated that Romania can perform and compete on an equal footing with multinational companies. We are pleased to support our young gymnasts, who are carrying on the tradition and aspirations of so many generations. We are also proud to have been supporting the sustainable development of Romania, together with our clients and partners, for over 22 years," said Nicolae Bănică, CEO of OSCAR Downstream.

”The Nadia Comăneci Cup, now in its 10th edition, enjoys the support of several partners who invest in the discovery and support of values. The trust given to the young gymnasts, through the Gymnastics Federation and other organisations involved in supporting the sport, has made it possible for us to return to the elite of world gymnastics this year. Some of the current members of the national team also participated in previous competitions of the "Nadia Comăneci Artistic Gymnastics Cup". We are proud of their achievements and wish them well in the upcoming Olympic Games, which will take place this year in Paris," said Virgil Munteanu, Vice President of the Nadia Comăneci Foundation.

OSCAR Downstream is engaged in sports education projects that encourage performance and improve quality of life through its sustainability strategy. During the 2017-2020 period, the company collaborated with the football teams Concordia Chiajna (children and juniors) and CFR Cluj (children and juniors).

Furthermore, the company runs its own sports initiatives and campaigns. The most recent initiative is Run for Heroes - fueled by OSCAR, and will take place on 15 June in Herăstrău Park in Bucharest. The action forms part of a wider campaign to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma related to mental health. The project is being carried out in partnership with the Social Center for Psychotherapy TFH (Together for Humanity).


About the Nadia Comăneci Foundation

The Nadia Comăneci Foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organisation founded by Nadia Comăneci, a symbol of Romanian and world gymnastics, being the first gymnast to achieve a perfect score in an Olympic competition.

Following the example set by Nadia Comăneci, winner of five Olympic medals, top athlete of the 20th century and one of the best gymnasts of all time, the foundation bearing her name encourages and supports performance in sports and other educational and professional development activities, promoting a perfect life, grade ten, for all ages.

The Foundation's portfolio includes the Nadia Comăneci Cup for artistic gymnastics, 10 for gymnastics (a competition for young athletes from over 50 gymnastics schools in Romania), the MiniMe Program (a non-competitive educational-sports project in which children aged between 1 and 12 years old exercise with their parents, but also individually and in teams) and Think Straight. Get informed! (A programme for students from economic and technical universities, dedicated to providing access to economic information).

For further details, please visit the website https://www.nadiacomaneci.eu.