40 children at social risk are supported by the ALFA Foundation for Health and Education in the

40 children at social risk are supported by the ALFA Foundation for Health and Education in the "ALFA Scholarships" program.

40 children from disadvantaged backgrounds, aged between 6 and 19, from the counties of Alba, Călărași, Cluj, Neamț, Sălaj, Suceava, and Bucharest, will be supported in the 2023-2024 school year. Their access to education is facilitated through the "ALFA Scholarships and Summer School" project, implemented by The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation as part of the national program, The Special Fund for Children.

The project, now in its second edition, unfolds with the backing of the ALFA Foundation for Health and Education. In 2022, this foundation collaborated with the Royal Margareta Foundation of Romania to bolster measures against school dropout rates amongst disadvantaged children. Consequently, the initiative will persist, benefiting 40 at-risk children who are set to receive both financial and hands-on support in the upcoming school year starting on 11 September 2023. The project's objective is twofold: to ensure these 40 children persevere with their academic pursuits and to witness an enhancement in their attendance and performance. The beneficiaries will receive social scholarships, online homework assistance, sessions for tutoring and mentoring, and a comprehensive spectrum of social support and counselling. The assistance offered is tailored to meet identified individual needs, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the children's lives. Augmenting the aid during the school year, the initiative invites these children to the themed camp: ALFA Summer School.

"We are deeply thankful to collaborate with the Royal Margareta Foundation of Romania. This partnership enables us to actualize our vision—a world where every child, irrespective of their life circumstances, can access education and receive support. The 'ALFA Scholarships' project extends beyond being a mere initiative; it symbolizes our unwavering commitment to transforming the lives of children ensnared in challenging life scenarios. With the patronage of both the Special Fund for Children and the Royal Margareta Foundation of Romania, we had the distinct privilege in the 2022-2023 academic year to accompany 40 children on their journey towards an enhanced life, bestowing upon them a stellar education. ALFA scholarships are not just an investment in their future, but in the broader horizon of our nation. I express profound gratitude, on behalf of the ALFA Foundation for Health and Education, to everyone who has supported and placed their faith in this initiative. We eagerly anticipate instigating positive shifts within our communities," expresses Mihai Măcelaru, a board member of the ALFA Foundation for Health and Education.

This year, spanning from 31 July to 4 August, marked the second iteration of the ALFA Summer School. It was a jubilant event for the children, serving as a wellspring of information, skill development, and inspiration. The attendees expanded their repertoire of knowledge and practical competencies through a mountain education and adventure course. Topics discussed included the nuances of appropriate and wholesome nutrition tailored to individual ages. There were workshops focusing on personal growth via interactive games. During a first-aid training session helmed by a general medical nurse, the children were equipped with life-saving techniques pertinent to various emergencies and the protocol when dialing the 112 emergency number. An environmental education workshop imparted the ethos of environmental conservation, encouraging judicious consumption, waste reduction, and the imperative of waste segregation. This culminated in the collection of an impressive 400 kilograms of waste from the Buzăului region. Camp games and an array of recreational and athletic activities ensured that the children spent ample time outdoors, simultaneously nurturing their collaborative and competitive streaks.

"The equilibrium between leisure and learning I experienced reassured me that the ALFA Camp was an ideal platform to hone my skills and passions. The essence of the ALFA Camp revolves around a harmonious blend of fun and education. I've gleaned that growth and self-improvement mandate a delicate balance between these elements. The virtues of responsibility, the art of delegation, and effective time management are invaluable lessons I'll cherish and apply in the future," shares Eva, reflecting on her time at the ALFA Summer School.

Ensuring children have access to education yields long-term dividends within the local community. In an environment where the youth is nurtured with positive benchmarks and unhindered educational access, forthcoming generations can transcend the detrimental behaviors that are often rife in their disadvantaged origins. Empowered by the trust and support of societal partners, these children have the potential to excel academically, culminate their educational endeavors, and thrive in their personal and vocational spheres.